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What do passengers do after car crashes?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2023 | PERSONAL INJURY (PLAINTIFF) - Car Accidents |

When you are a passenger in a car, it can be stressful because you are at the mercy of another driver, but it can be especially stressful when you are involved in a car accident. After all, you have zero control over anything in that situation, but you still incur all the risk. And, after a car accident, you may wonder about the next steps and who to hold responsible for your injuries.

Stay at the scene and call 9-1-1

New York law requires that all the drivers stop after car accidents and wait for the police to arrive. However, as a passenger, you do not have to, but you should. This will allow you to give your witness statement to the police and get the information you will need to get the police report and insurance information. This will be vital for your insurance claim or lawsuit, should you need to file one later. Make sure you get everyone’s information, including the insurance information if the police do not show up.

Take photographs and videos

If the car you are in has a dashboard camera, get a copy of the video. And, if the driver takes photographs and videos, get copies of those as well. Though, be sure to get your own too. They should include pictures and videos of the scene, both cars, the drivers, documents, passengers, witnesses, etc.

Get medical attention

Even if you do not feel pain now, take the ambulance or at least, go see your primary care doctor as soon as possible after the car accident. Even low-speed accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries and soft tissue damages that may not be readily apparent or obvious until days or weeks after the crash. Plus, you will need to document any injuries now for your insurance claim or lawsuit.