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What are some common causes of slips and falls?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | PREMISES LIABILITY (PLAINTIFF) - Slip-and-Fall Accidents |

There are some rare situations in which a person might trip or slip and then fall down for no apparent reason. In other cases, someone might fall because of a medical condition.

However, often, slip-and-fall accidents happen because of some hazard on the property.

There are many dangerous conditions that can make people fall while visiting a business or other establishment open to the public.

  • Floors or other walking areas that are not clear of water, ice, snow or other liquids or debris.
  • Defective flooring or surfaces, which could include torn carpet or damaged laminate or hardwood. On a related note, sometimes uneven surfaces cause a fall.
  • Other equipment that is out of repair.
  • Obstacles in the path, including cords or other tripping hazards.
  • Poor lighting.

Generally speaking, owners of property, including retail stores and other businesses open to the public, have an obligation to be aware of slipping or tripping hazards.

Business owners must also do what they can to protect the public. Sometimes, this might mean fixing the hazardous condition. In other cases, putting up warning signs or keeping people away from the hazard is enough.

Staten Island residents who suffer an injury may have the right to compensation

If a New York business fails in its obligation to protect people from falls, then the victim might have the right to pursue compensation.

Their compensation can be for things like medical bills, lost income and other non-economic damages like pain and suffering.

Sadly, too many slips-and-falls leave a victim with a lot more than a little embarrassment and some soreness. A fall can leave a person with serious and permanent soft tissue injuries. Falls also cause broken bones, and some fractures are not easy to treat.

In the most serious cases, falls can cause spinal cord injuries or significant head trauma.

Victims of falls on and around Staten Island may have legal options after a fall which they should explore.