Truck Violations Lawyer: Defending Staten Island Area Clients

Trucking companies slapped with traffic violations in New York City face heavy fines. Overweight violations, equipment violations or any other violations expose a trucking company to serious legal liability. Additionally, trucking companies hitphoto for violations in New York face the further unusual complication of being required by law to be represented in court by an attorney. In this situation, when your trucking company requires legal representation, you want your company to be represented by attorney Helene Mark.

Trucking Company Ticket Lawyer: Serving New York City And New Jersey

Ms. Mark's experienced representation of other trucking companies means that she is already familiar with the complicated maze of legal requirements and regulations that affect your company. You do not have to pay her to learn the matter from scratch.

In addition to being able to provide you with economically efficient representation, Ms. Mark's experience in this area means she can already provide you with a guide through the terrain of New York's traffic violation legal system. She can advise you as to how being in front of a certain judge or prosecutor may affect your case and how to intelligently address those specific nuances.

Ms. Mark also understands the law's requirements when it comes to Interstate tax violation matters. She can provide your trucking company with the advice it needs if a default judgment has been entered against it in court. In some matters, Ms. Mark has even been able to go into court to get the defaulted case re-opened and dismissed. In this respect, and as in all areas of her practice, Ms. Mark's services are always client-centered and results-driven.

New York City CDL Defense Attorney: Serving All Five Boroughs And New Jersey

If you are looking for an attorney to provide your trucking corporation with experienced and knowledge representation in court, contact Staten Island area truck violations attorney Helene Mark by calling 347-896-5373. You can also schedule a completely free and entirely confidential initial consultation with Ms. Mark by contacting her online.