Reckless Driving Defense Attorney: Staten Island, New York City and New Jersey

After you have been stopped for reckless driving, you can still avoid making your situation worse. Do NOT make the common mistake of simply representing yourself in court. This all-too-commonerror subjects people to far more seriousphotopenalties than they may have faced had they received the experienced legal representation of Helene Mark.

Ms. Mark provides reckless driving defendants with sound legal guidance and hope for theirfutures. Rather than simply being subjected to the harshest penalties because they did not exercise their right to a legal defense, Ms. Mark's clients often face diminished penalties or even have their cases dismissed entirely.

Experienced New York City Criminal Court Lawyer

Ms. Mark has the practical experience necessary to advise you as to your rights in the most detailed way. She can help you determine how your case is best presented depending on which judge or which prosecutor is involved and how that judge or prosecutor may view particular arguments.

The most effective legal advice depends on an attorney understanding the client. Understanding a client means having a personal relationship with that client. Ms. Mark's personal approach to her clients is inspired by the fact that many of her clients come to her because concerned family members have called on behalf of their loved ones. She appreciates the concern of her clients' families, and she has built her firm in a way to reflect that kind of personal concern for all of her clients facing charges for reckless driving.

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Discuss your matter with Helene Mark, experienced Staten Island reckless driving defense lawyer serving all of New York City. Call her at 347-896-5373 to schedule a free initial consultation or contact her online. All discussions are entirely confidential and completely discreet.