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Attorney Helene Mark provides DUI/DWI defense to individuals across New York City. Her work in this area includes not only those situations involving alcohol,butphoto those situations involvingmarijuana and other substances as well. In some cases, her clients have also been charged with marijuana possession as a result of the stop.

Whatever the substance, your rights are in jeopardy and need protection if you are facing DUI/DWI. Do not make the mistake of simply pleading guilty. Pleading guilty carries with it serious consequences for your future, including the possibility of lost employment opportunities. Instead, let Ms. Mark defend you.

DUI/DWI Attorney Serving All Of New York City

Ms. Mark understands how to attack these issues in your case. In addition to challenging how you were stopped, Ms. Mark can also in many cases challenge the evidence itself and how that evidence was gathered. This approach includes challenging sobriety test evidence and even the way in which the sobriety test was administered and how any testing equipment was maintained.

By challenging your case, Ms. Mark works to keep your penalty as lenient as possible. In some cases, Ms. Mark can even successfully have your case dismissed. Rather than leaving yourself at the mercy of prosecutors, make sure you have knowledgeable and experienced attorney Helene Mark in your corner.

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Discuss your matter with Helene Mark, experienced Staten Island DUI defense attorney serving all of New York City. Call her at 347-896-5373 to schedule a free initial consultation or contact her online. All discussions are entirely confidential and completely discreet.