Traffic Court Lawyer: Staten Island And New Jersey

Attorney Helene Mark keeps her practice focused on serving her clients' needs. As a result of this focus, Ms. Mark can inform both individuals and corporations as to their rights with respect to New York City area traffic laws. Relying on her experienced legal judgment, individuals and corporations alike rely on Ms. Mark's advice in conducting themselves and their businesses.


License Suspensions: Experienced Attorney Serving New York City And New Jersey

Ms. Mark offers legal guidance to individuals involved in the following situations:

With respect to her corporate clients, Ms. Mark most commonly provides legal opinions and assistance with corporate truck violations. She regularly works with executives as well as drivers to manage corporate liability and provide the trucking corporation with the representation it needs in court as required by New York state law.

Her advice in all these situations is always intelligently and carefully tailored to the specific legal goals of the client. To this end, she maintains a lean office practice structured to maximize her accessibility to her clients. With this accessibility, Ms. Mark and her clients get to know each other and work together as a true attorney-client team to manage the legal challenges presented by the traffic dispute at hand.

Discuss Your Questions With An Experienced Traffic Violations Lawyer

Contact Helene Mark, a Staten Island traffic court attorney serving New Jersey and all of New York City by calling 347-896-5373. You can also schedule a free initial consultation by contacting her online to make an appointment for an entirely discreet and completely confidential meeting. Ms. Mark's office is located off of Exit 7 of the West Shore Expressway in Staten Island.